Worcester man claims he filmed a UFO above his home

Second father-of-three movies a weird daisy-shaped UFO as he exams his new cellphone – however is only a foil balloon?

  • David Whittall filmed the thing above his home in Spetchley, Worcestershire
  • He mentioned he believes the thing is a UFO as he did a picture search on Google 
  • UFO knowledgeable Dale Collett claims the thing is a daisy form helium balloon

A father-of-three was surprised when he was testing out his new smartphone and captured a UFO within the form of a fried egg hovering over his house.

The weird footage exhibits the intense round white and yellow disc-like object whiz throughout the sky earlier than flipping over onto its again.

David Whittall was taking part in together with his new Samsung cellphone when spouse Becky, 51, noticed what he believes was a flying saucer over their home in Spetchley, Worcestershire, on Saturday.

David Whittall was taking part in together with his new cell phone when he filmed this ‘UFO’ within the sky above his house in Spetchley, Worcestershire, on Saturday afternoon 

Mr Whittall claims the object was hovering above his house before it flew off towards Malvern, some seven miles away

Mr Whittall claims the thing was hovering above his home earlier than it flew off in the direction of Malvern, some seven miles away 

Mr Whittal claimed the object did not behave like a balloon while flying over  his house

Mr Whittal claimed the thing didn’t behave like a balloon whereas flying over  his home

Mr Whittall, 53, a technical supervisor at an electronics firm, mentioned: ‘Becky was having a cup of tea within the backyard when she shouted “What on earth is that. I’ve by no means seen something like that earlier than.’ 

‘I used to be inside understanding tips on how to use my new cell and I dashed exterior to see what she’d seen.’

Mr Whittall claimed the thing was between 15 to twenty toes in diameter and initially thought it was a climate balloon or presumably a drone. 

Nonetheless, he claimed the thing moved in a ‘regimented’ vogue, fairly not like a balloon. 

He mentioned: ‘I might describe the form as a daisy or a fried egg and it seemed utterly flat.’

He mentioned he zoomed in on the picture to see if he might get a clearer have a look at the thing.  

‘We’re on the flight path to RAF Fairford so we do get navy planes coming over, however I’ve by no means seen something like this earlier than.

David Whittall, pictured, said his house in on the flight path to RAF Fairford, so it could have been an experimental military aircraft

David Whittall, pictured, mentioned his home in on the flight path to RAF Fairford, so it might have been an experimental navy plane

‘It might be a brand new navy prototype.

‘I am unsure it is aliens and I do not actually consider in UFOs however technically it is a UFO as a result of it is unidentified and flying.’ 

He mentioned it took 5 minutes to journey the seven miles to Malvern, that means it wasn’t travelling particularly shortly.  

Mr Whittall mentioned he even uploaded the picture to Google Lens to check it with different objects on the web. He mentioned the search engine matched it with a number of different UFO sightings.  

Nonetheless, an knowledgeable in UFO sightings advised the Worcester Information that the thing was doubtless a foil balloon. 

Former police officer Dale Collett from Worcester mentioned: ‘My curiosity in UFO’s began after listening to the accounts of sightings witnessed by my household within the 70s of vibrating silver spheres within the daytime and lights within the evening sky flying a zig zag sample.

‘Now, I am on the state the place I am fairly satisfied UFOs are actual.’ 

After reviewing the footage, Mr Collett dominated out further terrestrial involvement by looking for ‘helium stuffed flower balloon’ on Google. 

‘It was a simple mistake to make,’ he added. 

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