Fisherman finds enormous tiger snake in boat at Lake Wellington in East Gippsland, Victoria

Fisherman is surprised to discover a metre-long venomous tiger snake ‘poking its tongue out’ whereas on his tiny boat 11 kilometres out at sea

  • Seasoned fisherman from Victoria found venomous snake hiding in boat
  • Bob Thatcher, 79, was boating on Lake Wellington when he discovered the tiger snake
  • He rapidly travelled again to shore the place a snake catcher rescued the reptile 

A fisherman was surprised to discover a metre-long tiger snake slithering round his ft whereas onboard his boat 11 kilometres out to sea.

Angler Bob Thatcher, 79, was fishing on Lake Wellington within the East Gippsland area of Victoria when he noticed an surprising stowaway hiding within the nook of his boat. 

‘I appeared down and there is this tiger snake, sitting there I suppose about 30 centimeters from my ft,’ he instructed 9News. 

A seasoned Victorian fisherman found the tiger snake hiding inside his boat in Victoria 

‘I stood there and watched it for the whereas and it was poking its tongue out.’ 

Unsure the right way to deal with the precarious scenario, Mr Thatcher determined to throw a jumper over the venomous reptile to ‘stir it up’.  

‘Then it went again [to] the left-hand aspect of the boat the place it was behind the sort out,’ he stated.  

Gippsland Snake Catchers captured the reptile from the boat at Lake Wellington in Victoria

Gippsland Snake Catchers captured the reptile from the boat at Lake Wellington in Victoria

After briefly contemplating leaping overboard the 79-year previous introduced the anchor in and sailed again to shore, calling a snake catcher on his manner in for an emergency rescue.   

Throughout his 30-minute return journey Mr Thatcher phoned his spouse and son however they did not reply his SOS calls. 

Gippsland Snake Catchers’ Bayden Neal stated he had ‘a snake bit package and every thing on standby’ whereas he waited on the shore. 

Mr Neal stated the rescue wasn’t a ‘nice expertise’ because the slippery cargo wasn’t the ‘smallest snake’ to get out of a four-metre boat.  

Bob Thatcher, 79, threw a jumper over the tiger snake in an attempt to 'stir it up'

Bob Thatcher, 79, threw a jumper over the tiger snake in an try to ‘stir it up’

What’s a tiger snake? 


The tiger snake is mostly seen with darkish olive brown to blackish-brown scales with off-white to yellow cross-bands throughout the stomach. 

The whole size for a mainland tiger snake is round 1.3m however they will attain as much as 2.1m.   


The species is usually related to watery environments comparable to creeks, dams, drains, lagoons, wetlands and swamps. 

Feeding and food plan:

Tiger snakes have a broad food plan that features fish, frogs and tadpoles, lizards, birds and mammals, in addition to carrion. 

They will even seek for prey underwater and might keep below for a minimum of 9 minutes.

What do to for those who get bitten:

Tiger snakes are recognized for his or her aggressive nature and poisonous venom that make them extraordinarily harmful to people. 

It is going to hiss loudly whereas it inflates and deflates its physique and can lash out and chunk forcefully if provoked. 

The venom is strongly neurotoxic and coagulant, and anybody suspected of being bitten ought to search medical consideration instantly.

Credit score: Australian Museum 


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